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Managed Security Services (MSS)

Delivering around-the-clock security monitoring and management through state-of-the-art Converged Security Operation Centers (CSOC).

Our work process

The general MSS process involves the following four steps:


We initiate discussions to understand the organization's goals, security requirements, and IT environment. We then develop a plan tailored to the organization's needs.


We install security monitoring tools on the organization's infrastructure to analyze data and identify potential security threats.


In the event of a security threat, our team will take all necessary actions to mitigate risks following international standards for monitoring and response.


We regularly update the organization on their security status, including detected security threats and risk reduction strategies.

Elevate your security with cutting-edge CSOC through our service.

Experience the next level of protection. Elevate your security measures through our managed security services from our CSOC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Points of Clarification

Continuous monitoring helps us address security threats promptly and ensures compliance with relevant laws, such as the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2560, the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, and the Cybersecurity Act B.E. 2562.

We specialize in cybersecurity, physical security, and personal data protection. Our expertise allows us to monitor cybersecurity risks, including potential data breaches, and physical security risks.

You can reach out to us via email at or call us at 02 103 6462.